Yoga for health & Wellness

At the end of my 9am sunday group fitness classes we close out with a Kemetic Yoga sequence. Tai Chi instruction is also AVAILABLE at the end for those who might be interested. The form we use is the Cheng Man Ching Yang Style 37 posture short form.


Kemetic yoga & Meditation

Kemetic Yoga provides you competence in all of the benefits that you should derive from Yoga in a more powerful manner. People who are not very athletic, flexible or are overweight or elderly will find this system easier. This is because the emphasis is on flowing and ease of movement rather than how far you can go into a position. In Kemetic Yoga we try to give you the skill to ease yourself into the posture as opposed to forcing it. 



Kemetic Yoga

The Philosophic Principals Of Kemetic Yoga Places Emphasis The Rejuvenation Of The Entire Body And Mind, And Not Just Physical Development Of Outer Muscles And Flexibility.