A place for self transformation.


  Dawud is the founder of Blak Star Fine. BlacK Star Fine is a complete wellness initiative that was born from the ideals of Marcus Garvey who once said "If the negro is not careful he will drink in all the poisons of modern society and die from the effects”; as well as the ideals of Dr John Henrik Clark who once said "Take what you do best and do it for your people". With these principles in mind Dawud is focused on being a positive force in his community providing holistic approaches to health and wellness with his uses of Massage Therapy, Personal Training, Yoga, and Tai Chi. These modalities are necessary due to the high rates on stress, depression, and hypertension which all help to manifest the aliments of obesity, cancer, diabetes, drug addiction ect, in the urban community and the world at large. Dawud is aware that a closed fist is more powerful than having all the fingers separated so he is focused on servicing ALL people and bringing unity and peace on the earth starting within himself, hoping that his example rubs off on everyone he crosses paths with. Because many people can't afford fitness gym fees and or the use of personal trainers Dawud has created a donation based community fitness class for those who may not be able to afford it.. To those under financial stress he says "Pay what you can if you can. Just give it your ALL!"


  Dawud has been actively involved in physical fitness his whole life having spent the early part of his life focused on football, ultimately playing on both a collegiate and semi-professional level. He enlisted into the United States Army in 1999 gaining the rank of Sergeant quickly because of his leadership skills and work ethic. He left the Army behind in 2005 and began a career as a personal trainer working for several high end gyms throughout NYC. In 2010 he left the corporate gym to pursue his own fitness business. After years of training clients he felt there was something missing so he went back to school and attained both an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy and a Tai Chi Instructors Certificate from The New York College of Health Professions. After finishing Massage school he then enrolled in a 200HR Kemetic Yoga instructors course. Shortly after that Dawud launched Blak Star Fine a complete wellness initiative. Dawud is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, a certified Personal Trainer, a certified Tai Chi instructor and a certified Kemetic Yoga instructor (CKYT-200)  through YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga.


If you are in need of motivation please listen to the video below.